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Generating “Request Files” link in SharePoint with Power Automate for Anonymous Users to upload files in specified folders

Scenario I recently got involved in a project where the client, an educational institution, needed us to facilitate a way for parents of students to complete an online information form and attach various documents, all anonymously, without requiring usernames, passwords, Microsoft account or Microsoft 365 accounts. The organization had Microsoft 365 accounts for its staff…

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Microsoft Syntex: Enablement, Model Types and Licensing

Microsoft Syntex is Microsoft’s AI-based tool that promises to revolutionize the way organizations manage content and information. With its advanced capabilities in content understanding, classification, and automation, Syntex enables businesses to extract valuable insights from their data and streamline their processes. In this article, we will explore how you can enable the power of Microsoft…

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A Practical Scenario on How to Call a Flow from another Flow in Power Automate

In this post, I am going to explain a practical scenario includes calling one flow from another flow, formatting column, filing a Word template and converting a file to PDF using Power Automate. Scenario: Our client has an on-premises SharePoint marketing site and wants to migrate it to SharePoint Online. The challenging part of this…

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