Microsoft 365 Services Map

As you may know, Microsoft recently added new products and services to the Microsoft 365 Ecosystem such as Fabric, Viva products, etc… . For a long time, I was thinking about how to show these products and services in one shot. Because many people ask me what services Microsoft 365 offers and what products are inside it? This is why I decided to design a map for this ecosystem.

I tried to put all the services in the right categories and separate the platforms. I used the Copilot icon and placed it in the service categories that support Copilot. Also, for each category, I put a link to its source on the Microsoft site, and if you are interested, click on the link icon beside each service to know more about it. Of course, this link available in the PDF version of the map.

I will complete this map over time, and if you have any suggestions, please leave comment.

I would like to thank my friends Kanwal Khipple and Angad Soni for their advice in preparing this map.

Read more and download the map

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