How to Fix “ErrorItemNotFound” Error When Trying to Retrieve Conference Room Events via MS Graph API

A few weeks ago when I was working with Power Apps and the MS Graph API, I was trying to get all the events for a conference room, but when I sent a GET request through the Graph API interface, it returned the following error:

“code”: “ErrorItemNotFound

“message”:The specified object was not found in the store

These are the room and API details:

So, I googled for a solution and found out that I need to grant the following access to the user calling the API:

  • Calendars.Read
  • Calendars.ReadBasic
  • Calendars.ReadWrite

and this permission:

  • Calendars.Read.Shared

I granted above access permission to the user but it didn’t resolve the error!

Then I tried to test other methods, so it was clear that my user has the necessary access, but it seems that it could not see the events of that conference room. After various investigations, I found the solution. 🙂

To fix this error, you need to add the conference room calendar to your calendar list in Outlook. I think this gives the user the required permission to access the room’s calendar and events.

So, to do this, open Microsoft Outlook app and click on the calendar icon in the left menu, then follow the step-by-step steps in the dialog that opens as shown in the image below and add the conference room calendar to your calendar.

That’s it, now you can run the Graph API without any errors as follows:

Note that even if you remove the room calendar from your calendar list, the API will still work!

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