Recap of the Canadian Power Platform Summit 2024 in Vancouver

On March 16th, the Power Platform community in Canada, especially in Vancouver, experienced an extraordinary day. Microsoft Vancouver hosted the Canadian Power Platform Summit 2024, with over 200 enthusiastic participants, 30 top-notch speakers, and 15 prominent sponsors, the event was a remarkable gathering of like-minded individuals passionate about Microsoft Power Platform. The executive team, comprised of organizers and volunteers, demonstrated their dedication with a strong presence of 25 members. (It was my pleasure to be part of the volunteers team)

Lessons Learned and Highlights

Here are my lessons learned from this event:

  1. Chase Your Dreams: This event stressed how important it is to keep working hard towards your dreams and ideas. Turning your goals into reality requires staying dedicated, putting in effort, and never giving up.
  2. Engaging with Community Leaders: I had a great time talking with Microsoft MVPs and community leaders. These folks weren’t just smart; they were also friendly, which made conversations with them fun and enlightening.
  3. Unlocking Vancouver’s Potential: Vancouver was shown to have lots of potential for Power Platform development. The event pointed out a growing interest in this field, suggesting chances for smart plans to build up the local community even more.
  4. The Power of Teamwork: The event highlighted how working together is key to success. When people collaborate well, tasks get done smoother, productivity goes up, and the results are better. It showed how important it is for a team to work together to reach their goals.
  5. Expanding Professional Networks: Interacting with different professionals from Microsoft and MVPs helped me expand my professional networks. Events like this are super helpful for making new connections and finding chances to work together.

A huge shout out to the organizers: Éric Sauvé 🇨🇦, Scott Durow, Chris Piasecki, Nick Doelman and Victor Dantas whose vision turned this event into a reality.

As the event closed, predictions were made for the prospect of a repeat next year. Attendees look forward to another opportunity to interact, learn and celebrate the vibrant Power Platform community in Vancouver.

Looking forward to the next year! 🙂

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