I Made a Sudoku Game in Power Apps

Sudoku, the renowned logic-based number puzzle, has captivated puzzle enthusiasts for decades. Its addictive nature and ability to challenge the mind have made it a timeless favorite. However, while there are numerous Sudoku apps available in the market in other platforms, none of them were created using Power Apps, until now. By leveraging the power of Power Apps and integrating the Shadify (Independent Publisher) connector, I have created a Sudoku Game app. Its user friendly interface, data validation, multiple difficulty levels, and other features make it a must have for Sudoku enthusiasts and Power Apps developers.

Why Power Apps?

Actually, I am personally interested in Sudoku game, and it was a few months ago that I saw the possibility of developing numbers game in Power Apps. Especially since I saw a word puzzle game made by April Dunnam and decided to implement the Sudoku app in PowerApps. The challenging part of creating this game in PowerApps was generating the grid numbers. I first tried to develop it using Power FX functions, but because the Sudoku logic was complicated and time-consuming, I finally created it using the Shadify connector, which is an external API. Overall, it was a very interesting and wonderful experience for me. 

App Source

I put the app package in my GitHub account for downloading at this address, which you can use in your environment.

Please note that the Shadify connector requires PowerApps premium license, and you must have activated this license for your environment.

App Preview

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